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Marbulous Marble Run



An 80 piece, 20 marble set that uses creative thinking, problem solving, logic, reasoning, visual tracking and fine motor skills.

The Marbulous Marble Run includes 80 pieces and 20 marbles. It is an action packed marble track set loaded with plenty of entertaining fun.

The colourful high quality plastic tracks can be fit in multiple different ways, which allows the user to employ creativity in putting it together. Just load the marbles and watch them twist, turn and spiral their way down. A fantastic tool to demonstrate cause and effect – what happens with different configurations? What effect does each design have? Encourage the use of descriptive language and interaction as the toy is used.

There are lots of therapeutic benefits with the Marble Run:

  • Visual tracking and perception
  • Visual spatial skills in constructing and thinking about the implications
  • Fine motor skills in construction
  • Creativity in design and use
  • Logic and reasoning and problem solving

Since this product contains marbles, supervision is essential.

Package dimensions are 26*7*30cm


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