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Detangling Scream-Free Baby Brush



The Detangling Baby Brush is fantastic for sensitive scalps. With dual bristle technology, boar bristles and nylon pins, it is soft and has a gentle flex to prevent breakage, frizz and split ends on super fine hair. Can also be used therapeutically for those with sensory issues.

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The Detangling Scream-Free Mermaid Baby Brush from Ugly Swan is the ideal solution for babies and toddlers with fine hair. It is soft on sensitive scalps and has a gentle flex to stop breakage on super fine hair. It has dual bristle technology, boar bristles and nylon pins. The natural boar bristles harness natural scalp oils to nourish your hair from scalp to tip while brushing.

The brush smooths, softens and adds shine to the hair without pulling or tugging. It helps prevent split ends, breakage, dandruff, frizz and oily scalp.

Brushing can also aid those with sensory issues regarding scalp sensitivity. This resource may also be prescribed as part of a home sensory program to improve focus, self-awareness and self-control. Use of this brush as part of a program should be discussed with an OT prior to use.

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