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Cuddlekins Jumbo Sloth



The Cuddlekins Jumbo Sloth is the perfect companion for all ages. Perfect for napping or relaxing with, the sloth is a great option for those with stress, anxiety or requiring sensory input.

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The Jumbo sloth is designed to look like a real sloth and give fantastic hugs. The Jumbo Cuddlekins range is designed especially for cuddles, made with and for love. For all ages, the sloth is the perfect plush animal companion to take naps with (after all, sloths sleep 15 hours a day!) This toy is perfect for all kinds of fun, as the sloth is made of a high-quality, surface washable material.

The Jumbo sloth is:

  • Eco friendly, as all Wild Republic plush toys are filled with material made from 100% recycled water bottles
  • Covered with soft, long and plush fur, making it a perfect, cuddly companion
  • A realistic smiling sloth design
  • Surface washable to suit all adventures
  • A potential emotional support animal providing comfort for people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, Autism and other health challenges.
  • Part of the Cuddlekins Jumbo range, a fantastic range providing comfort to anyone who needs it.


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