Craft Collection - Boys

Craft Collection – Boys

SNR-Craft Kit Boys 1

Original price was: $21.38.Current price is: $17.50.

This Craft Collection for Boys contains a variety of craft activities and kits ideal for boys – buy and save!!

The Apli Craft Kit – Pirates is a cute craft kit which will inspire the creativity of your child. It comes with all the necessary materials to make the kit you choose. Approximately 15 pieces in the kit to assemble.

Turn everyday household items into art with the Rocket and Train-themed Apli Kids Recycling Craft Kit! This fun craft kit for kids uses everyday household items such as bottles, paper towel and toilet roll holders to create magical new figures. This kit introduces young children to the idea of recycling and promotes concepts of the value of items and the useful life of a product. Turn a roll of toilet paper into a rocket or train including passengers!

Make your 4 Sea Life creatures or Dinosaurs using this 3D paper model kit from KandyToys. The internal cards measure 28cm x 21cm and putting the models together involves folding and paper insertion so the pieces connect. Includes double sided tape, and instructions for the 4 cards.

100g of modelling clay in six different colours for small hands to mold and play with. See what designs you can make!

The Origami set comes with different styles, with instructions on how to create your chosen styles using the papers provided.

Colours may vary with each pack.

This pack contains:

1 x Apli Craft Kit – Pirates RRP $4.99

1 x  Recycling Kit – Rockets and Trains RRP $3.50

1 x Lion Craft kit RRP $4.99

1 x Snap Together Military Model $3.70

1 x Modelling Clay $1.90

Total RRP = $19.08 – sold as a pack for $17.20!!

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