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Chunky Bug Puzzle



This brightly coloured and engaging Chunky Bug Puzzle is a great way for children to develop those all-important hand-eye coordination skills.

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Little ones will love solving the chunky wood bug-themed puzzle from Kiddie Connect. With bright, playful colours and easy-to-grasp pieces, this engaging puzzle is perfect for little hands. Featuring a collection of cute and friendly insects, it’s a fun and educational way to develop hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and shape recognition.

It also offers an opportunity for children to learn to identify and name different bugs.

Some ideas for enhancing and encouraging play and learning:

  • Find the bug. Is that a butterfly?
  • What colour is the snail?
  • Talk about each bug.  What are the characteristics of the bug?
  • Have the child identify these bugs from photographs in a book or on the internet. This will allow the child to transition from the stylised representations of the puzzle pieces to the actual bugs.

Children can stack the chunky bugs or use them in open-ended play.

Suitable for ages 18 months+

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