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Bee Logic Game



Can you recreate the beehive? 30 challenges to complete with 10 wooden pieces. This logic puzzle will employ those cognitive skills to complete. Check out our other puzzles & games! 8+ years.

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Bee Logic Game by Djeco

Can you recreate the beehive?

There are 30 “challenge” cards (3 difficulty levels) to complete with 10 different wooden pieces. Place the 10 pieces and the “challenge” cards on the table. Take a “challenge” card. Place the required pieces directly on the card, in the right place and the right direction. It’s a logical puzzle to piece together.

Players: 1 Player.

Aim of the game: Place all the pieces on the “challenge” card to complete all the bees.

Designer: Veronique Bulteau

Suitable for ages: 8+ years

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