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Textured Grabber Oral Chew Toy



The ARK Therapeutic Grabber has a P shape that makes for an easy grip for chewing & comes with 2 extension options

The ARK Therapeutic Grabber chew product is one of the originals and still one of the most popular chew tools! The P shape makes for an easy grip for chewing.

The ARK Therapeutic Grabber® is the original oral motor chew tool. The P shaped design features a loop that makes it easy to hold, and a long extension that makes it easy to reach the back molars.

Those with a sensory need to chew will find that the Grabber is a safe alternative to chewing on one’s hands, shirts, pencils, etc.  The ARK Therapeutic Grabber can also be used by those that need to work on oral motor skills. It can be used to practice biting/chewing skills without the risk of choking, build jaw strength and stability, and exercise the mouth muscles.  It can also help provide an alternative to tooth grinding or satisfy the urge to chew for individuals who are fed through a g-tube.  The Grabber has many different uses!

Please note that there are two types of Grabbers – this version has a rough, bubbly textured surface which offers extra sensory stimulation. The Grabber is:

  • A safe outlet for anyone who needs to chew
  • Also a staple oral motor / feeding therapy tool for working on jaw strength, biting & chewing skills, and more
  • The Loop shape makes it easy to hold
  • The Long extension makes it easy to reach the back molars
  • The ARK Therapeutic Grabber is available in 3 color-coded toughness levels – Blue is extra extra tough, Green is extra tough and Magenta is standard
  • Made in the USA.

Please note that all chewable items need to be used under supervision, and are not toys. They serve a therapeutic use, but must be regularly checked for wear and tear.

Weight 0.02 kg


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