World of Science - Crystal Growing Kit [4 Crystals per pack]

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About this product

Go science mad and learn how to grow your own crystals!
This World of Science Crystal Growing Kit will show you how, supplying you with all you need to grow your own crystals in a fun and interesting way!
Crystals aren’t just awesome to look at, they’re also really interesting to learn about. They’re a special solid material, the molecules fit together in a pattern that repeats itself, crystals then form all sorts of fun, interesting and unique shapes!
This super set provides the materials to grow four crystals that are different in both colour and shape! Use the items included, follow the directions and watch as your crystals grow over time.
The set contains:
A set of instructions on how to grow your crystals
4 bags of crystal compound,
2 crystal display trays.
Measuring jug
Granite based rocks
Plastic threat,
Wooden mixing stick &
6 record sheets for you to collect the data for each crystal
Recommended for:
Ages 3+
Therapeutic benefits:
Supports learning about Cause and Effect
Aids in building Shape and Colour identification Skills
Developing observation skills and patience
Learning about science and the world around us
Get your white coat ready and begin experimenting!