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Time Timer 8" 60 Minute Timer with Magnet

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About this product

The 8" Time Timer (20.32cm) makes it a versatile product for both individual as well as group applications. This classroom-tested timer can be used free standing, wall mounted or be placed on a metal surface because of its strong magnets.

Having it wall mounted may make it easier to see and less likely to be knocked over.

The Time Timer provides the ability to judge how much time is left without having to know how to tell time. The products operate with high colour resolution, large dial numbers, and ultra-quiet quartz movement. These additional features make the Time Timer product line perfect for special needs applications such as students with ADD, ADHD, autism, etc.; counseling situations; occupational and physical therapy sessions; stroke and brain injury rehabilitation; and geriatric care. 

Trainers and special education teachers have proven that Time Timer products work in both individual and group situations. With the Time Timer, users understand the passage of time and can monitor their own activities, improving their self-esteem. Better time awareness also relieves the stress and anxiety of disorientation. Special needs uses include:

  • Timing counseling sessions and exercises
  • Self-monitoring of activities
  • Overseeing speech, hearing and vision therapies
  • Memory prompting for medications, appointments, etc.

Can use the visual depiction only or add sound with the clear "beep-beep" sound to signal the end of a time segment. Operates on one "AA" battery (not included). The time disc may be moved manually in either direction and can be set at any point on the face. Ideal for home, classroom, and therapy.