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Time Timer 12" 60 Minute timer with Magnet

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About this product

The 12 inch (30.48cm x 30.48cm) 60 minute Time Timer with magnets has an extra feature of being able to be hung on a surface that attracts magnets for even better visual effect. This model of Time Timer has been designed for classroom and group activities in any environment, but is particularly useful for the learning support setting. Our customers have reported improvements in concentration and focus with the defined period of time assisting in setting clear timeframes around completing work.

Additionally, the large size and bold numbers make it easier to read for visually impaired users, and the red centre clearly shows when time is running down. The Time Timer 12 inch with magnets was designed to operate free standing, wall mounted or be placed on a metal surface because of its strong magnets. This product also has an optional audible signal to advise when time has run down.

The 60 minute timer can also be used in corporate settings to keep meetings to their scheduled time frames. Additionally it can be used at home to give a time span around completing homework or other assigned tasks. It can even be used for mealtimes or other family events to provide a structure for those prone to distraction or lack of focus. Setting a defined span and a set limit for a function may make life easier for all concerned.

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