Sensory Sensations

Sensory Sensations - Sensory Tactile Fidget Pack 1

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About this product

The Sensory Sensations tactile fidget pack 1 contains a variety of sensory and tactile products in a pack - buy and save!!

This pack contains:

1 x Squidgy squeezy banana RRP $5.99 (pictured in a full box of 12)

1 Squeezy dinosaur $4.99 (may be any kind)

5 x small spinning tops RRP $0.50 RRP - $2.50 total

5 x Boinks (squeezy nylon tubes) RRP $1 ea - $5 total

3 x Marble Fidget toy RRP $1.10 ea - $3.30 total

Total RRP = $20.29 - sold as a pack for $16.50!!


The squeezy banana is a heavy duty squeezy, squashy stress toy on which you can take out anxiety and stress and not cause any harm. The size of a regular banana, it can also serve to exercise those hand muscles.

The Bendy Monkey is a wiry toy that can be bent into different shapes. Great to fidget with, it also employs the use of fine motor skills

The Fidget toy with marble is a pocket sized fidget toy that is super popular with those that suffer from anxiety. It is a sealed nylon tube with a marble inside that can be pushed from one end to the other.

The Boink is a nylon tube that surprisingly has many applications. - watch the video above to see! It can be squashed down, it can be used as a spring toy and also used as a finger trap for added fun.

The small spinning tops are small plastic tops that require the use of fine motor skills to get them spinning. Fun as a distraction and soother during sensory overload.