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About this product

This Noisy Collection contains a variety of noise and music makers in a pack - buy and save!!

Start up your own band! Clackity crocodile & clacker from B! Twist the middle of the crocodile for a clicking sound and shake him around for a clacking sound, this Crocodile clacker has two functions. Therapeutically this instrument serves multiple purposes - if requires fine motor skills to twist the middle section and gross motor skills to make the jaws clack like maracas. It demonstrates cause and effect and provides auditory stimulation with the noises it produces.

With a smiley face, the jibber jabber groan hammer makes some very expressive noises when hammered down! In a variety of colours, this is a fun novelty which can also be used as a special needs auditory toy.

Our insect clicker sounds just like an insect. Press down on the metal tab at the back to get the clicker to make a sound like a clicking insect. Great for auditory stimulation for special needs.

The plush faced hammer comes in a range of designs and colours. It makes sounds which are triggered when the hammer hits a surface. A great idea for harmless stress relief and getting the grumpies out!

The cheeky Whoopee Cushion - Inflate the pillow and place it under a cushion or on top of chair and get ready to embarrass someone as they make a rather rude noise when they sit down!

The Sound tube is a great auditory toy that can serve several therapeutic purposes. It makes a satisfactory escalating tonal sound when the plastic concertina is pulled out or pushed back together. It's great for hand and fine motor strength in pulling it out and in. It demonstrates cause and effect. And it can be used to fidget with as well.

Colours may vary with each pack.

This pack contains:

1 x Crocodile Cabasa and Clacker RRP $8.99

1 x  Jibber Jabber Hammer RRP $3.30

1 x Insect Clicker RRP $1.75

1 x  Plush Noisy Hammer RRP $9.99

1 x Whoopee Cushion  RRP $2.50

1 x Flexible Sound Tube RRP$3.50

Total RRP = $30.03 - sold as a pack for $22.95!!