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Nana's Weighted Toys - Fudge the 3.6 kg Brown Collie

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About this product

Meet Fudge the Brown Collie - a hard-working sheep dog and sensory and tactile weighted plush toy from the maker of Nana's Weighted Blankets.

After a hard day on the farm, a pooped out Jess loves to snuggle on the lounge or bed with her Owner, enjoying lots of cuddles, tickles and belly rubs.

70cm long and weighing 3.6 kg Fudge is one of the heaviest plush in the Nana's Weighted Toy range. 

Weighted toys are a great tool for individuals with sensory seeking behaviours. Placed over the lap they can assist in calming and self-soothing.

Therapeutic benefits of weighted toys include:
aiding the development of self-soothing techniques
aiding in anxiety management
can support in calming and settling