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About this product

This collection is for budding geologists and those who have a fascination for earth sciences. It includes a mineral kit, with an explanatory information sheet on minerals, mini magnifier and 12 mineral samples of varying hardness, a fossil kit with examples of fossils and explanatory sheet and magnifier, a dig out volcano (please dig out using old clothes and outside as this can be messy!!!), with dig out tools provided. Extract gemstones from your archeological exercise! A set of 25 gemstones of various kinds for you to identify and explore. And finally a woodcraft model of a dinosaur to put together and keep.


Skills employed with this collection;

* Excite curiosity and intellectual stimulation. 

* Use research skills to find out more on the topic

* Use cognitive skills to put together woodcraft model - logic and sequence

* Fine motor skills for excavation (hint: use water spray bottle to soften plaster if patience is an issue!)