Djeco - Tapikekoi Memory Game

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About this product

Tapikekoi is a memory game. Each player plays the role of the family, and the others will play the thieves. While the family is asleep, the thieves will remove one or more objects from the boards. It’s up to the “family” player to find out what the missing objects are.

Includes: 4 boards (kitchen, living room, bedroom, garden), 36 “object” tokens (9 per board), 1 “family” piece, 1 bag.

Players: 2-4 players

Time: 15 minutes

Aim of the game: The player with the most items at the end wins. 

Creators: Romaric Galonnier & Laurent Toulouse. Click here to read an interview with the creators. 

Illustrator: Sébastien Chebret. 

Suitable for ages: 5+ years