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Chalk and Chuckles - Clever Counting – Matching Puzzle

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About this product

The clever farmer never misses a count. Learn to count from 1-10 with the farmer as he moves around the farm in his tractor, in a unique number matching game.

Match the picture cards with the correct number card by counting. Check the correct answer with the farmer – if the wheels of his tractor fit into the holes on the card, you have found the correct matching pair! When you’ve found a match, practice tracing the number with your erasable marker.

This game develops number and counting skills, visual-spatial skills, observation skills and graphomotor skills. There are 20 puzzles in the kit.

The game contains: a wooden tractor, 10 double sided puzzles, a board frame, a wipe erasable marker pen for number writing practice and instructions.

For ages 3+, one player or more.

Measurement in cm: 16.5 x 23 x 3.8