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Battat Terratube Figurines - Pack of 2

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About this product

Pack of two Terratube figurines. Wild Animals Terratube is a tub of plastic animals that are perfect for imaginative play. These come with a variety of types from lions, zebras, leopards and other wild animals.  The Sea Life Terratube come with a variety of types from sharks, stingrays and varieties of fish.  There are 60 pieces per container. 

The therapeutic value of using plastic animal/sea life figurines lies in discussing the various types of animals, where they live, what they eat, how they move and other things to excite a curiousity and general knowledge. It can also encourage storytelling and narration, as well as language and vocabulary development. Create a story about who are friends amongst the animals and how they relate to each other. Which ones are the scary ones and why? With 60 animals per terratube you can create groups of like or mixed groups. They can be used for sorting and colour coding.You can also use them as a basis to explore other types of wild life that might live in the wilds or to research particular creatures to find out more about them. 

These @battattoys animals are awesome for some #indoorplay.  Some other fun ideas are to make some trees from cardboard or create their habitat with some craft play with these figurines. But, there are a million activities you can do with these and even more things your children can learn with them.