B. Toys by Battat - Oddballs - 4 Sensory Toy Balls in Warm Colours

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About this product

B. Toys by Battat Oddballs are balls unlike the rest!

You don’t get much more timeless than the classic ball in terms of toys but these are definitely not your standard balls. Each featuring their own unique texture, this set of four balls offers a multisensory experience full of fun patterns and vibrant colours . The yellow and bumpy bounces around like crazy! The plum ball can be squeezed until you can’t squeeze anymore! If you’re a lover of all things that squeak, then the spiky ball is for you. The orange ball with the flowery pattern might just be the most fun of all…

Children aren’t born with the ability to throw and catch a ball. It’s a learned skill and your child will definitely learn faster if you engage in basic play with them. Because these balls are perfectly designed and sized for small hands, most children will be able to get a great grip on these as they master that curve ball on the way to the big leagues.

The textured balls can act as a sensory tool for those who respond to tactile experiences.

Recommended for:
Ages 6 months+


Therapeutic benefit:
Help develop motor skills
Help with the development of dexterity
Colour identification