B. Toys by Battat - ABC Block Party - Sensory blocks

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About this product

The B. ABC Block Party is an all-in-one sensory sensation.

The set consists of soft fabric blocks, each of which have a different pattern and design related to the alphabet. Each of the blocks has an additional sensory item fitted to the centre. The inserts are interchangeable. One is a plastic textured block with embossed patterns, one block is a clear plastic rattle with visible rattling pieces. Other inserts include a tactile block and a mini rainmaker with mini balls that make a satisfying swooshing sound. Vibrant colours add to the appeal, and each block has something extra to do. The soft fabric blocks can be stacked up, knocked down and thrown around to harmless effect. There is also a handy recycled plastic carry bag for storage.

There are many therapeutic benefits with the B. ABC Block Party - fine motor skills need to be used to insert the inner blocks into the foam outer blocks.

There are sensory effects with textured and tactile blocks and the outer soft foam cases.

There is the ability to demonstrate cause and effect with the rattle and the rainmaker. What happens when they're shaken? Do they make a different noise when they're inside the foam block?

There is also sensory therapeutic benefits with auditory stimulation. Shake the rainmaker and hear the result!

The B. ABC Block packs a sensory punch with a lot included in one product. The product is suitable for very young children to older children. Part of the reputable B. toy range of toys from Canada. Educational, tactile, sensory and just fun to play with!