ARK Therapeutic - Sidekick™ Chewie Figurine

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About this product

A long-lasting chew with 4 extensions to chew on & 2x the surface area of the Grabber. ARK Therapeutic's Sidekick™ Chewie is our largest oral motor chew tool.  Whether you envision your Sidekick™ kicking an imaginary soccer ball, stretching, or dancing, this fun design is sure to put a smile on your face.

Each Sidekick™ is smooth on both sides.  It measures about 4" at the widest part, 6" at the tallest part, and is 1/2" thick..  With 4 different extensions to chew on, it's the longest lasting shape for moderate to avid chewing. 

  • A safe outlet for anyone who needs to chew
  • With 4 different extensions to chew on, this is the longest lasting shape for avid chewing
  • Long extensions for reaching the back molars
  • Available in 3 color-coded toughness levels - Red is standard, Green is extra tough, purple is extra extra tough and blue is extra extra tough.
  • Made in the USA