Whirly Pop Lights and Music Activity Station


A multifaceted toy with lots to stimulate and amuse. Pop the balls, play some music, spin the roller. All with handy stick on sucker feet to prevent movement.

Bonk ‘em and bop ‘em and watch ‘em pop with the B. Toys by Battat Whirly Pop Lights and Music Activity Station.

With lights, beads, balls and music, the B. Whirly Pop is a multipurpose sensory tool that provides auditory, visual and physical stimulation.

Push the plastic dome to make the balls pop with snazzy lights, spin the spiral beads as fast as you can; play the piano buttons one at time to hear The Wheels on the Bus in either piano, guitar and flute – or play all three at once!

The B. Whirly Pop comes with three suction feet on the base, to keep it steady on surfaces for secure play time, making it a helpful toy for those with fine motor skill issues.

Recommended for:
6 months+
Therapeutic Benefits:
– provides auditory and visual stimulation
– demonstrates cause and effect relationships
– helps develop motor skills
Weight 1 kg


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