Plush Jelly Vibrating Cushion


Senseez vibrating cushions are great for fidgeters, sleeping issues and anxiety difficulties.

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Senseez vibrating cushions help those with special needs in several ways. Not only are they great for fidgeters, but they also aid those with sleeping issues and anxiety difficulties.

The cushion gently vibrates when pressed, whether through hugging, sitting or squeezing, which aids in relaxing and calming.

Each cushion is battery operated and measures approx 25cm.The Plush Jelly version is made from soft plush. They require 2 x AA batteries (not included).

Why not try them for your child when long periods of sitting are required? Suitable for long trips, school, doing homework or any time when extended periods of stillness are required. This product can also be a gentle introduction to vibration for those that have sensory processing issues.



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