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Rocco the Weighted 3.5kg Husky



Weighted toys provide additional sensory input to those that gain comfort from additional sensory input of weight. Rocco is a cutie just waiting to find his new snuggly friend.

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Meet Rocco the Husky – a Sensory and Tactile weighted plush toy from the maker of Nana’s Weighted Blankets.

Rocco is a furry huggable rascal at the heavier end of the Nana’s Weighted Toys range.

Weighing 3.5kg and 70cm in length, Rocco is the perfect huggable companion who also enjoys of a pat of his plush furry coat.

Therapeutic benefits of weighted toys include:

  • aiding the development of self-soothing techniques
  • aiding in anxiety management
  • can support in calming and settling




Weight 3.5 kg
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