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Plui Brush Weather Set – Sunny and Cloudy



Gentle brushes for first cleaning tasks and pretend play at bathtime.

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Sunny and Cloudy are sensory toys made to tickle your imagination and senses. They also come handy as gentle little brushes for first cleaning tasks.
Like all MOLUK toys, Sunny and Cloudy shine as versatile accessories in role and pretend play and reveal new sides and play possibilities in combination with Oogi, Nello and other parts of the MOLUK family.

Color: yellow, white/blue
Dimensions: sunny ø 9cm, cloudy: 6.6×5.2x7cm
Material: ABS body, Nylon bristles.
BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free
Made in Shenzhen, China


Sunny, Cloudy, Weather Set

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