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Otley Hybrid Pressure Mattress



The Otley Hybrid Mattress from Safety and Mobility combines the benefits of high-quality foam and air technology to prevent pressure injuries. Comes in 2 sizes, single and king single.

The Otley Integrated Hybrid Mattress from Safety and Mobility is a unique full mattress replacement system. The hybrid system combines the benefits of high-quality foam and air technology to aid in the prevention of pressure injuries. As such, it alleviates the need for an existing hospital mattress to be paired with an alternating pressure air mattress.

The Otley is the next generation in pressure relieving mattresses and provides a greater level of comfort and support to the traditional air mattress. The Otley can be used as a hospital mattress or within home care environments where a high-quality pressure care mattress is needed. Comes in 2 sizes, single and king-single to suit a range of needs.

Flexible to the client’s clinical needs, the Otley can be used in three ways for pressure reduction or pressure relief as required:

1) High specification foam mattress

2) Pumpless air mattress (with unique static care comfort regulator)

3) Dynamic alternating air mattress

Considered a high-quality medical mattress, the Otley is ideal for community care or facility use and the simple set up means it requires minimal training to operate. Where required, a client can remain on the mattress prior to attaching the optional pump.

Product Specifications

  • Static care comfort regulator – no power required
  • Quick release CPR valve
  • Dartex vapour permeable & waterproof cover
  • Power loss & low/high-pressure pump alarm
  • 14 air cells with foam inserts & static foam head cell
  • Overall Length: 199cm
  • Overall Width: 90cm
  • Overall Height: 15cm
  • SWL: 250kg with pump | 190kg with static care comfort regular | 159kg mattress only

Single, King Single

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