Mr T-Rex the 4kg Weighted Sensory toy

Mr T-Rex 3.6-4kg



Mr T Rex may look ferocious, but he’s really a sweet guy who is a weighty cuddly snuggler looking for his new best friend.

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Meet the ferocious Mr T-Rex – a handsome Sensory and Tactile weighted toy from the makers of Nana’s Weighted Blankets.

Weighted toys are a great tool for individuals with sensory seeking behaviours. Placed over the lap or over the shoulders they can assist with calming and self-soothing.

Weighing 3.6-4kg Mr T-Rex’s snarl is worse than his bite. He secretly longs to have lots of cuddles and snuggles with his new best friend.
Therapeutic benefits of weighted toys include:
aiding the development of self-soothing techniques
aiding in anxiety management
can support in calming and settling
Weight 15 kg
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