Izzy 1.5kg King Charles Spaniel


Izzy is a furry, fluffy weighted toy that cannot wait to meet her new best friend.

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Meet Izzy the King Charles Spaniel – a furry, super soft dog and sensory and tactile weighted plush toy from the maker of Nana’s Weighted Blankets.

After a hard day sleeping in front of the fireplace, a pooped out Snuggles loves to cuddle on the lounge or bed with her Owner, enjoying lots of cuddles, tickles and belly rubs.

Weighted toys are a great tool for individuals with sensory seeking behaviours. Placed over the lap they can assist in calming and self-soothing.

Therapeutic benefits of weighted toys include:
aiding the development of self-soothing techniques
aiding in anxiety management
can support in calming and settling
Weight 20 kg


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