Musical Collection

$52.53 $45.95

This Musical Collection contains a variety of musical instruments and music makers in a pack – buy and save!!

The Zooter is a great first introduction to music. It is also great for breath control and fine motor skill development. The Zooter makes music fun. It is large and colourful harmonica that has 10 blow holes and twenty notes. It can be used for age groups above 12 months old.

Start up your own band! Clackity crocodile & clacker from B! Twist the middle of the crocodile for a clicking sound and shake him around for a clacking sound, this Crocodile clacker has two functions. Therapeutically this instrument serves multiple purposes – if requires fine motor skills to twist the middle section and gross motor skills to make the jaws clack like maracas. It demonstrates cause and effect and provides auditory stimulation with the noises it produces.

Jingle Sticks – make some music with these little bells. Shake the jingle stick and all the bells ring. A retro favourite!

Antelope sliiiide whistle warns the herd as you stretch her legs and blow. This whistle from B Toys by Battat. is easy to use, making a sliding whistling sound with not too much effort. Great for breathing exercises, breath control and learning musical sounds and how to make music.

Our insect clicker sounds just like an insect. Press down on the metal tab at the back to get the clicker to make a sound like a clicking insect. Great for auditory stimulation for special needs.

Recorders are the old fashioned musical staple that never go out of style (although I’m sure parents listening to the first attempts might wish differently!!). Therapeutically, they are useful for breathing regulation and in development of musical skills, and hand co-ordination.

Colours may vary with each pack.

This pack contains:

1 x Play and Learn Zooter the Harmonica RRP $16.95

1 x Crocodile Cabasa and Clacker RRP $8.99

1 x Jingle Stick RRP $9.90

1 x Antelope Slide Whistle RRP $4.99

1 x Insect Clicker RRP $1.75

1 x  Retro Recorder RRP $9.95

Total RRP = $52.53 – sold as a pack for $45.95!!


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