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Mum & Baby White Tiger 4kg



Tigress the White Tiger and her baby is a 4kg weighted sensory tool for those that benefit from weighted products.

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Meet Tigress and her baby  – regal and comforting 4kg tigers -a sensory and tactile weighted plush toy from the maker of Nana’s Weighted Blankets.

Perfect for patting and hugging, Tigress and her baby love to be petted and held by their Owner, enjoying lots of cuddles, tickles and belly rubs.

Weighted toys are a great tool for individuals with sensory seeking behaviours. Placed over the lap they can assist in calming and self-soothing.

Therapeutic benefits of weighted toys include:
aiding the development of self-soothing techniques
aiding in anxiety management
can support in calming and settling
Weight 10 kg

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