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Mini Fidget Blankets



Mini Fidget Blankets are a sensory tool that can be used anywhere, including the car and classroom to satisfy fidgeting and sensory input needs.

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A great tactile product for those who like to fidget with different textures. These Mini Fidget Blankets are especially helpful in the classroom when trying to focus and deal with sensory stimulation of the room or during stressful/anxious environments (shopping/car travel/unfamiliar places). Measuring approximately 15cm x 10cm and surrounded with different textured ribbons, these super soft Mini Fidget Blankets can work wonders to children and adults to self-regulate their sensory needs. There are various prints available and your order will be randomly chosen from stock is available when ordered.  If you have a specific colour that is preferable, please make a note in the comments when placing your order and we will do our best to cater to this depending on what stock is available.  If more than one is ordered, please let us know if you would prefer them to be the same design, as otherwise we will provide a mixture of prints.

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