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Make No Mistake Markers



The Make No Mistake Erasable Markers are perfect to let your creativity shine without any worries! Includes a set of 12 double sided markers.

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From Ooly, the Make No Mistake Erasable Markers make sure you can colour with confidence! Dive into a world where every colouring whim can be executed with precision and flexibility. Accidentally turned that green unicorn pink? No worries! With the flip of your marker, correct it effortlessly. Whether you’re outlining, shading, or adding intricate details, these markers empower you with boundless creativity. Includes 12 beautiful shades of erasable markers.
Product Features:
  • Double-Ended Design: One end for vibrant colouring and the other for erasing mishaps or adding nuanced details.
  • Versatile Tip: The chiseled tips ensure versatility, allowing for both expansive fills and meticulous strokes.
  •  Rich Palette: Twelve captivating colours at your fingertips for an expansive artistic range.

Recommended for Ages 3+

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