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Magic Cube Puzzle in Box (5.6cm)



The Magic Cube Puzzle 5.6cm is a classic game which also has therapeutic benefits. Assists in developing fine motor skills and hand strength as you twist the cube to solve the puzzle. Can also be used as a fidget toy for those with various health challenges.

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Check out the Magic Cube Puzzle from TNW! A classic game which is both fun and therapeutically beneficial. The magic cube can provide hours of fun for all ages as you try and try again to solve the cube once and for all. It is a fantastic resource to develop fine motor skills and hand strength of twisting the cube to solve the puzzle.

Measures 5.6cm length and width, making it perfect to be taken on the go for long or short journeys. Can act as a distraction and fidgeting tool for those with anxiety, ASD, ADHD, stress or other health challenges.

TNW Australia was founded in 1983 with the goal of supplying the novelty gift industry with innovative toys, gifts and accessories.

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