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Liquid Timer – Collection 5


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This collection of liquid timers is perfect for parents or teachers looking for distraction toys. Comes with 4 unique and mesmerising timers, making it a great way to distract and calm children.

The Liquid Timers sensory set is a fun collection of liquid timers for children and adults to explore and admire. Liquid timers are also known as oil drip timers and several other names including liquid motion timer, liquid oil timer or liquid oil drop motion timer.

Collection 5 includes the Anti-Gravity Timer, Volcano Timer, Aquarium Timer and 4 Square Timer.

These items are great for several purposes. They make an interesting desk ornament or distraction toy and can be used for soothing and relaxation. It can also be a helpful resource for teachers and parents to help anxious children to calm down. In particular, children with sensory processing issues tend to respond positively to the predictable and rhythmic flow of the liquid timer.

Keep out of reach of children under three years old. Please note, colours vary and random colours will be sent.  Warning: These products are made from acrylic plastic. They will not withstand being thrown or dropped onto hard surfaces. They contain mineral oils which may smell strongly if the product breaks. The contents are not toxic and are approved to Australian safety standards, however please under supervision to ensure safe use of the product.


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