Learning Can Be Fun – Sight Words Flash Cards


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Learning Can Be Fun Sight Words Flash Cards have been designed for beginner readers who are learning to recognise both common sight words and simple phonetic words.

Research has shown that when children are beginning to read it is important that they develop a bank of commonly used words that they can recognise instantly. These words are known as ‘Sight Words’ or ‘High Frequency Words’ and knowing these commonly used words by sight can make a child a faster and more fluent reader. These words are best learnt through memorisation and repetition.

The set includes 64 high frequency words and pictures including numbers, colours, objects, animals and people and the illustrations on the cards have been carefully selected to provide valuable clues for children to help aid with recognition.

The cards are laminated, colour coded and have rounded edges for easy sorting and are packaged in a box for easy storage.

Each card measures 87mm x 123mm. 

Recommended for:
Ages 5+
Therapeutic benefits


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