Learning Can Be Fun – Large 10 Minute Sand Timer


A 10 minute sand timer – a visual way of managing time related activities.

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This Learning Can Be Fun Sand Timer provides a fun and easy way to measure time. It teaches the concept that time passes as sand falls between one chamber and the next.

Sand Timers help sharpen concentration and ease stressful transitions in both class and at home with Teachers and Learners able to see at a glance how much time is remaining during a lesson, activity or therapy session without the disruption or noise of an alarm.

This makes them an outstanding tool for use in games and timing experiments:
– 10 minutes left to complete a task
– 10 minutes to pack away their art and settle at the front of the classroom
–  for Sport – 10 minutes of skipping
and for use at home:
– a great for tool for  ‘time out’ when children are too young to comprehend time
– a visual timer for chores ” you have 10 minutes to wash your face, brush your teeth and jump into bed”
– a visual timer for play “you have 10 minutes left of computer time”

This 10 minute sand timer has a durable construction with moulded end caps and thick surrounding walls to withstand frequent use and its large self-standing design means you can leave the timer on a shelf, bench or table and it will be easily seen.

Measuring 16cm [h] x 7 cm[w] the Learning Can Be Fun – 10 Minute Sand Timer is perfect for use in either a classroom [or similar environment] or at home.

Recommended for:
Ages 3+
Therapeutic benefits:
Anxiety Management
Visual Learning Tool
Aid in teaching a difficult concept and important life skill


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