Fine Motor Collection


The Fine Motor Collection contains a variety of products that develop fine motor skills – buy in a pack and save!!

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The Fine Motor Collection contains a variety of products that develop fine motor skills – buy in a pack and save!!

Gyroscope – use the cog toothed tool to create spin on your gyroscope

Tweezers designed especially for children, these Learning Can Be Fun Jumbo Tweezers are bright, durable and can help pick up counters, beads or other manipulatives to develop hand-eye coordination. Ideal for sorting and counting activities, each Jumbo Tweezer measures 120mm in length and 25mm in width, making them easy for small hands to operate.

The mini take aparts come with instructions on how to put them together to make an excavator, plane or truck. Colourful pieces add interest, and it can be constructed and deconstructed as required. Concentration, logic, following instructions and fine motor skills will be exercised putting these cute little items together.

The small spinning tops are small plastic tops that require the use of fine motor skills to get them spinning. Fun as a distraction and soother during sensory overload.

The Twist and Lock Blocks are a colourful 16cm (when extended) wooden fidget puzzle which consists of different hued wooden cubes with a piece of threaded elastic down the centre to allow for manipulation. Each wooden cube has grooved cut outs which allow the elastic be moved to create different shapes. This product has a number of therapeutic benefits. Firstly it can be used to relieve the urge to fidget during periods of sensory overload or anxiety. The cubes can be moved around in different directions in a quiet and non disruptive way.  There are also cognitive benefits. How would you manipulate the cubes so that you can make a square? Or a triangle? Work out which groove you would need to use to make that shape and how you can make other shapes.

The Bee Bead box is a pretty bee themed bead set. The set includes thread for stringing and is presented in a colourful wooden box with a perspex lid.  These wooden beads can be strung with different variations so you can mix and match colours and combinations and never get bored with having the same necklace or bracelet! Threading beads is an excellent fine motor activity, and this set creates pretty jewellery as well as having therapeutic application.

The Bracelet kit comes with string and beads, and is perfect for using to make your own creative item using those fine motor skills to thread. Encourage the use of the tweezers in this activity too!

The Roly Poly racer has a moving ball inside a static body. Spin the wheel or race him around the room!

This pack contains:

1 x Light Up Gyroscope $6.50

1 x Jumbo Tweezers RRP $2.45

1 x Mini take apart -Truck, or Excavator RRP $4.99

1 x Mini Take apart plane RRP $4.99

1 x Spinning Top RRP $0.50

1 x Twist and Lock Blocks RRP $4.00

1 x Bee Bead Box RRP $9.99

1 x Roly Poly Racer RRP $3.99

1 x Bracelet Threading kit $4.99

Total RRP = $42.40- sold as a pack for $36.04, a 15% discount!!!!


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