Kiddy Connects 72 pce by Edushape | Special Needs Resources

Kiddy Connect Building Blocks Advanced 72 pieces



Kiddy Connects are soft silicon based connectors that can be joined in lots of different ways for creative play.

Colourful snap together pieces for fundamental construction fun. Kiddy Connects snap to each other on the top, bottom and sides for 3 dimensional construction. Pliable materials resist cracking. In a storage jar for easy maintenance.

The 72 piece version of Kiddy Connect has some additional rounded shapes to develop greater reasoning and logic. These shapes go beyond the 90 degree limit of standard connector pieces. Measures 15*25cm.

Therapeutic benefits include fine motor skills development, imaginative play and reasoning skills development. Colour identification and recognition is an additional benefit as is engaging in a narrative – what are you making and why? Fun and creative building blocks.

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