Chalk and Chuckles – Monkey Expressions – Show What You Feel and Why


This loveable puzzle helps children identify and express five basic emotions – happy, sad, angry, surprise and fear.

The lovable monkey feels a lot of feelings all day long. Being chased by the bear he feels frightened and sad. When he opens his gift he feels surprised and happy. Change the eyes and the mouth of the monkey to express what he’s feeling in different situations.

Designed as a discovery tool with a creative twist, this puzzle helps children not only learn emotions through interaction with others, but also communicate and connect better.

Encourage children to copy the expression of the monkey and see them feeling “Sad, Mad or Glad!”.

This fun discovery tool  includes:
1 cardboard box with monkey figure and face embedded
15 pieces (5 eye pieces, 5 mouth pieces and 5 thought bubbles)
Measures in cm: 27x22x6
Recommended for:
Ages 3+
Therapeutic benefits:
Encourages self-expression
Helps develop social skills, empathy & understanding of the feelings of others
Assists in communication, story-telling and language skills



Weight 0.3 kg


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