B. Toys by Battat – Jambo-ree Monkey Rainstick


A rainstick that makes a satisfying noise when turned from end to end.

B. Toys by Battat – Jambo-ree Monkey Rainstick

Start up your own gentle-sound band with this fun monkey-themed rainmaker from B.! Flip the Monkey rainstick over and watch and listen as the beads course down with the gentle sound of rainfall.

Recommended for:
Ages 3+
Therapeutic benefits:
Demonstrates cause and effect – turn upside down and what happens? All the beads rush down several tiers through holes
The Rainstick provides auditory stimulation by creating a noisy “rain sounding” effect that gives the product it’s name.
Employs gross motor skills in turning the stick upside down to make the beads run.
Weight 0.08 kg


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