Critter Train Set


The Critter train is a great way to encourage imaginative play. Where is the train going and who are the passengers? Encourage narratives during play.

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Choo-Choo! Your critter caboose awaits!

A magical train set powered by imagination!
This train set makes funky train noises and lights up as it pushes itself around the tracks, keeping your child entertained all afternoon.
Every caboose has their own personality and characteristics, from a howling doggy car to a musical kitty caboose!
The detachable tracks are perfect for developing gross motor skills & creativity!

Comes with: 1 cat locomotive, 1 dog locomotive, 1 frog locomotive, 1 locomotive and 8 tracks

Ages from 2 + Years

Therapeutic value lies in imaginative play, fine motor skills in putting together the pieces, cognitive development in following instructions to put the pieces in place. Help your child create a narrative about what is happening with the train – where is it going? What is it carrying and why? Do the animals have names? Create a story using all the characters provided.

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