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Inspire, encourage and create with Educational Colours!

Educational colours are Australian company that make educational resources, art and craft supplies, teaching aids and materials and paints for all types and age of learners. Established in Melbourne in 1980, the company’s high-quality resources are now available in over 60 countries worldwide.

The mission at Educational Colours is to inspire and encourage creativity and learning in both the classroom and home.

Research has shown there are many developmental and therapeutic benefits to exploring through art & creative play. It can help:
develop the ability to think creatively and with an open mind
develop the ability to learn to observe, and describe, analyse and interpret
aid in the development of verbal and non-verbal self-expression of thoughts and feelings
with colour identification and understanding of spacial relationships
build understanding of different cultures and techniques from around the world
assist in building confidence because there is not just one right way to mark art. Every artist can feel pride their original artistic creations
Creative and artist play is a safe place where unique points of view and differences are celebrated and explored support the need for tactile and sensory input.
With lots of different colours, textures, shades and sheens, Educational Colours paints, papers, glues and baeds are made for Learners to explore the boundaries of their creativity and to express their own unique visions. Each product has been designed to  used on a wide variety of tactile surfaces including MDF board, plaster, canvas and wood and materials and fabrics such as cotton, calico, denim, hessian and many more.
Safe, reliable and trustworthy, all Educational Colours paints and materials are:
Australian made
Non-toxic &

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