Dolls World by Peterkin

Dolls World by Peterkin- Dolls made from the heart

Peterkin has been developing and manufacturing toys of the highest quality for over 60 years and Dolls World is one of their most well-known and best-loved brands of dolls and accessories.

From small pocket-sized dolls to anatomically correct and interactive dolls, the Dolls World range is extensive. Many come with dummies, bottles, feeding sets and other accessories for in-depth imaginative play.

The therapeutic benefits of playing with dolls and doll-based imaginative play can include:
- aiding in the development of social skills 
- helping reduce anxiety through doll-soothing & care
- helping improve communication & language skills
- role-modelling of empathy & compassion and emotional processing
- building imagination & creative thinking skills
- the learning and building of self-care skills
- an improvement in fine and gross motor skills 
The Dolls World range stocked by Special Needs Resources includes:
- anatomically correct male & female dolls
- dolls in a range of skin tones
- a range of fully interactive dolls
- talking dolls for deep engagement
- role play dolls
- doll accessories such as prams, clothes, baths & feeding sets
Learn through play with the range from Dolls World.